Black Desert Console releases first retail package.

Pearl Abyss announced that it will release Black Desert Console’s first retail package “Prestige Edition” on November 6th.

Adventurers can ppurchase the Prestige Edition from online and offline stores in Asia, Europe and North America. Anyone who purcheses the retail package will get various special items such as the Prestige Edition Black Leopard pet, Glorious Shudal premium set and 2000 pearls.

Also the new Guardian class has been introduced to Black Desert console. The Guardian is a female warrior who attacks her enemies without mercy using her battle axe and shield. Pearl Abyss is also celebrating the arrival of the guardian with a special log-in event and a level-up event which will go till December 2nd. Lahn Striker and Ninja Classes are also now available for succession, allowing adventurers to make thier existing weapons and skills even more powerful.

On a side note, I have to admit to having never played Black Desert but after a little research, I think I am going to pick this game up in the coming days and give it a shot. If you have played Black Desert, let me know what think about it in the comments.

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