Into The Eternal – A Spiritual successor to Zelda 2 is on Kickstarter and hopefully on it’s way to the Switch.

Depending on who you talk to, or which publication you read Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is one of those hate it or love it games. Personally I really enjoyed the game when it first came out way back when. Yes it was completely different from the original Legend of Zelda but it was a good game and my friends and I poured countless hours into to completing it.

Fast forward 30+ years to the year 2020(Not a great year, but hey next gen consoles coming out soon right) and to indie studio called Zero Infinite Games. Zero Infinite Games is developing a spiritual successor to Zelda II.

Into The Eternal is a kickstarter game with a modest goal of $5,000. This is the second attempt at a kickstarter for Into The Eternal, the first one had a goal of $10,000 and was not reached.

Zero Infinite Games is a new studio who’s team has help to develop such titles as Final Star(Xbox One), Pirates of the First Star(Xbox One, PC)the First Star Online series of retro MMO’s and others. Together the team that has been put together here has over 50 years combined development experience.

A brief description from the Kickstarter page.

Into The Eternal is inspired by Zelda 2 on the NES. An under rated and misunderstood game that, while flawed, probably gets more hate than it deserves. Our goal is to keep the features people love, and alter the ones they didn’t. Puzzles will be more logical, and the difficulty will be more fair. 

You’ll have many ways to upgrade your character in order to become strong enough to progress through the game. You’ll traverse a huge overworld seeking out towns, treasures, and secrets. Fish in any lake, pond, or ocean. Pick fruits. Hire a pirate captain to take you treasure hunting. Join the Hunters to track down rare and exotic monsters. Visit farms to grow crops, or see the seedstress to have her smash fruits into seeds so that you can grow even more.

There is a unique Co-operative play in the game that is kinda souls-like but not really.

Into The Eternal features a unique type of cross platform co-operative play. In the book of Eternity, it is said that if a warrior fights with honor, their heroic spirit will always grace the underlying terrain – protecting it from invaders. This is also true in the game, as you can leave an echo of your soul behind to help other warriors. 

It’s an interesting way of helping other players defeat difficult bosses. Basically after you’ve defeated a boss you can leave a part of your soul to help in a bottle to help others. All the other player has to do is merely smash the bottle and your spirit will help them for a short while.

Zero Infinite Games is a little more than a thousand dollars away from reaching there goal on Kickstarter. I for one am gonna back this one, most likely at the $50 because that’s the level you get the collectors edition and I do love me some collectors editions of games. I also love the direction this game is going. Being an old school gamer or as my daughter puts it an old gamer in general I look forward to playing this when it releases either on steam early access or on switch.

Let’s help them crush that goal! You can check out the Kickstarter page here.

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