Turn Based Strategy Game: MOBIUS FRONT ’83 Revealed!

This looks like an interesting little turn-based strategy wargame I stumbled across while searching the web for the next thing to write about.

On October 26, 2020 Zachtronics, makers of Opus Magnum, Eliza and Infinifactory, revealed Mobius Front ’83. Mobius Front ’83 is set to release November 5th on Steam for $19.99.

Mobius Front ’83 is set in an alternate Reagan era where you must defend America from Americans.

Obviously the game takes place in 1983 in America. The Americans you are defending yourself from are Americans from an alternate universe. These Americans from the alternate universe will stop at nothing to gain control of our beloved country’s heartland.

Fight off these alternate universe Americans using the latest technology available at the time in turn-based combat. The player will have access to to powerful tanks, fast-moving helicopters, long-range artillery, tenacious infantry and more.

Throughout the course of the game you will discover who these “Americans” are and why they are here. You’ll accomplish this as you play through the extensive single-player campaign with it’s fully voiced cutscenes. Mobius Front 83 also offers a few side games such as it’s own version of solitaire and Zachtronics-style puzzles.

Mobius Front ’83 campaign will take about 10-40 hours complete depending on how time and effort you put into the side activities.

Check it out on Steam: Mobius Front ’83

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